The Grandstand Season Finale 2012

The Grandstand –

A Year in Review

The 2012 season of the Ottawa Citizen’s Gentleman’s Race Series has come and gone, and what a season it has been.  An incident free season chocked full of close competition, and amazing driving.  First off I would like to thank all the support crew that make a season like this possible, the marshalls, the safety crew, all the staff at Calabogie Motorsports park, and all the volunteers that helped to make this season run as smooth as it did.  Through our first two seasons we have grown from 4 cars per race, to upwards of 20 and 30.  The growth of the series and the camaraderie that is apparent between its competitors is indicative of how well this series is fitting the needs of experienced lappers, ex-racers, and new racers alike.  Our goal is to provide a competitive race series at a world class facility that through strict rules allows enthusiasts to compete in the safest environment possible.  We are looking forward to an even bigger and more exciting 2013 season… will we see you out on the track?! Contact me for more information.  Matt –

Final Podium

The final podium of the year announced the winners of the season long point battle.  The Calabogie Mustang Podium was held by Chris Harrison in 3rd place with 26 points, Harry Steenbakkers in 2nd place with 35 points, and Class winner for the year Steve Bruder with 46 points.

The GT1 podium was still up for grabs even during Event 6, however,  in the end 3rd place was taken by 2011 OCRS Champion James Bergeron, 2nd was taken by Chris Bernier, and 1st place in the GT1 Class went to Greg Van Dalen.

While Stephen Rocque had been holding on to 2nd place in GT2 for most of the season, a phenomenal race from Pat Irwin in Event 6 bumped Stephen down to 3rd place while Patrick jumped up to 2nd place.  1st place (locked in after event 5) went to Erwan James and a fantastic season of driving.

Congratulations to all season winners!  We look forward to seeing you out there for the battle next year!

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