August 8th 2013 – Longhill Track Day

August 8th, 2013 -Longhill Track Day

Our second event of the year graced us with sunshine and great temperatures again!  Eight new driver’s joined us for our August event which started with our usual working lunch session where we learned about vehicle dynamics and how to navigate the track.  When lunch was finished, helmets were strapped on, 5-point harnesses were locked down and tightened, and we hit the tarmac.  When the drivers were off the track they took part in our Longhill Autocross Challenge.  The game was changed up for this event though, instead of speeding a little automatic sport compact around the track, the drivers were put in a one of the race prepped standard mustangs.  The autocross course remained as tight as ever, but now with a high powered heavy car running the gauntlet, driver’s skill was paramount to make it to the end cleanly and with a quick time. This events honours went to Jayson Bowie in third place with a time of 36.5 second, Danny Dillon in second place with a time of 35.6 second, and finally Mo Sottile with a blistering fast 32.9 seconds.  The evening was topped off with a BBQ dinner, drinks, and great conversation.  Thanks to all who came out to join us for our event!

Longhill Drivers for the day:

Danny Dillon

Jason Stone

Jayson Bowie

Jim Dahmer

Mo Sottile

Paul Dolan

Pierre Richer

Rod Renwick




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