October 18th 2012 – Longhill Inaugural Track Day

October 18th 2012 marked the date of Longhill’s very first VIP track day. While a little late in the year, an 18C, sunny day made for perfect track weather.  The day started off with a working lunch session where our guests had time to eat and let their stomachs settle all while learning the basic theories of car control and vehicle dynamics on the race track.  When lunch was finished, everyone was fitted for helmets, and our new drivers were introduced to their instructors.  The first group hit the track at noon for a couple of orientation laps with the instructors in the driver seat, then they were back to the pits where our guests sat in their new driver’s seats for the first time.  Seating positions were adjusted, 5-point harnesses were latched and tightened down, clutch, ignition, shift, and it was go time.  Meanwhile the other half of the group was knee-deep in the autocross competition.  While everyone loved the track time in the race prepped mustangs, it seemed no one could get enough of the autocross event in the little Ford Fiesta.  The groups switched between track time and autocross time all afternoon.  Before the day finished with refreshments and enthusiastic adrenaline charged banter, we held our podium ceremonies for the quickest of the quick on the autocross circuit.  Third place went to Steve Hamilton of Goodkey Weedmark, Second to Jason Alexander of NORR, and First Place and FTD goes to Ryan Leonard of Goodkey Weedmark.  The final award of the afternoon was the elusive “Cone Killer” award.  The 2012 recipient was Robert Lefebvre from Goodkey Weedmark.

The guest list from our inaugural event included:

Jason Alexander – NORR

Jason Chahal – JL Richards

Marc Carriere – Goodkey Weedmark

Randy Lee – Modern Niagara Ottawa

Robert Lefebvre – Goodkey Weedmark

Ryan Leonard – Goodkey Weedmark

Steve Hamilton – Goodkey Weedmark

Urs Schenk – Nortec





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